Commercial Pest Control

Few things can bring a business to its knees as surely and swiftly as a pest sighting by a customer or client. PPM can rid you of these pests.

Commercial pest control for your business covering the Spalding and Peterborough area

Being in business is tough enough these days, when economic pressures are forcing all of us to do more with less. Yet despite all the headaches, few things can bring a business to its knees as surely and swiftly as a pest sighting by a customer or client. It's amazing how something as tiny as a cockroach, mouse or even a bed bug can undo years of care and hard work that you put into building your business and establishing your reputation. We provide custom-designed pest management plans covering:

  • Pest control for restaurants, take-aways, cafes, bars, private clubs and other food services.
  • Hotels, guest houses and properties in multiple occupation.
  • Butchers, bakeries, food manufacturers and processors.
  • Conformity to BRC standards and guidelines.

Commercial Pest Control Expert?

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Your business reputation is too important to put at risk by compromising the quality of pest control. With PPM Services our reputation is looking after yours.

Your customers expect your facilities to be safe, sanitary environments that are free of pests. We will design a pest control programme especially for you and your property to keep you safe. Our services are discreet and convenient, and we are extremely sensitive to concerns for your customers and clients.

Pests within your business can promote health risks and unsanitary conditions that may lead to serious consequences including an unsatisfactory food hygiene rating or even prosecution. Our technicians understand your industry and have the experience and expertise to service your business efficiently and effectively.

The most effective solution to your pest control problem is to take out PPM Services routine preventative maintenance programme.  This includes:

  • Regular site visits with written reports<
  • Pest control method statement & risk assessment
  • Pest control ring binder for records and reports
  • Treatment covering crawling insects and rodents
  • Pest proofing advice and discounted installation
  • Continual rodent monitoring to aid prevention
  • No call out fees and free advice at any time

We can also provide:

  • Pest proofing
  • High quality retractable insect screens
  • Electronic fly killers
  • Treatment for all form of pests

We conduct a variety of work for food and horticultural processing companies. Our work complies with BRC (British Retail Consortium) guidelines and standards.

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