Insect Screens - Retractable for your convenience

PPM Services supply and install Phantom screens to fit any opening

Retractable fly screens, insect screens, ventilation screens, and pollen screens for doors, windows and conservatories.

Allow the fresh air to come in and keep those nasty bugs, and the sun’s harmful rays, outside, through fitting Phantom retractable fly screens.

Phantom Screens manufacture the worlds best roller fly screens for doors and windows, right here in the UK. They concentrate all their efforts on screens, producing a high quality product, backed up with an outstanding service.

PPM Services supply and install Phantom screens to fit any opening. Whether it’s insect protection, solar shading, privacy, or cordless blackout protection screening you’re looking for, we can supply and install it.

Phantom screens are made from high-grade aluminium, and are available in a wide range of colours, we can also colour match your existing frames. If you have hardwood windows we can colour match the individual type of wood, or if you have wood grained upvc we match that also.

Enjoy the following videos, each video covers a specific area, standard doors, patio doors, windows, sash windows, larger openings, and power screens.


Retractable Screens

Phantom Legacy Retractable Fly Screen for Doors – Standard Size – up to 2.44m

The Phantom Legacy door screen is fully weatherproof, and can be fitted to the inside, or outside of all door types. It has a low profile monorail track, slimline side housings, and a soft glide closing system, making it a pleasure to use.

The monorail track is a very significant feature, in that it holds the door mesh in place, without the need for a bulky floor track, or an ugly black fabric seal which tends to become clogged with dirt.

There is a choice of fly screen fabrics to choose from, although the standard 18-14 charcoal mesh is recommended in the UK, providing 40% solar shading.


For up to 2metres

The Serene Retractable Fly Screen for Windows – up to 2m

The Phantom Serene fly screen is designed to fit the majority of windows, inside or outside, fixed to the face of the window, or into the reveal, it is the most stylish and flexible screen on the market today.

The Serene window screen is designed similar to an overhead roller blind, when not in use the mesh is housed inside the roller casing, and when pulled down, remains taught to give a sheer finish and a 100% window seal.

There is a choice of mesh from insect mesh to full blackout, and for hay fever sufferers we are able to offer an anti pollen mesh, called Politex, which, filters out airborne pollens.

The screens are available in cordless blackout with a choice of colours, including reflective backings to reduce heat build in rooms, and the side channels are lined with a soft brush seal to stop light bleeding around the edge of the fabric.

Serene screens are discreet, and they won’t spoil your view, or your home’s styling.

The Distinction Manual Fly Screen for Doors and Openings up to 4m

The Phantom Distinction is an innovative product for screening large openings, and bi-folding doors. This screen now enables you to open your doors at night, with the lights on, without your room filling with moths, daddy long legs, and mosquitos.

The Distinction can also be used as a solar, or anti-glare screen, making it dual purpose when fitted to be used with the doors open or closed. This provides protection from the suns rays when the doors are closed, and insect protection when the doors are open.

The bottom guide rail which is only 2mm deep, and can be walked on, means there is no threshold, making it ideal for no threshold bi-folding doors. The mesh screen is pleated and held under tension, meaning you only need to open sufficient screen to walk through, as it will not roll back. You can also fit the Distinction inside or outside.

The Infinity Manual Fly Screen for Bi-Fold Doors & Folding Wall Systems

The Phantom Infinity is the perfect retractable screen system for large openings up to 10m in width. This is achievable through a series of independent 1m wide panels, which come together to enclose an opening.

No matter how large the door, window, or opening, the Infinity fly screen can be made to fit, and any of the individual panels can be designated as an entry point. Similar to the Distinction, the bottom guide rail is only 2mm deep and can therefore be walked on, making it suitable for wheel chair access.

Phantom fly screen mesh also reduces the heat by 40%, making it a great option to be able to close the screens when the doors are closed or locked. Why not encounter an enriched indoor/outdoor living experience with Infinity screening, suitable for folding wall systems and large openings.

The Executive Retractable Power Roller Screen for Oversized Doors, Windows, and Openings

The Phantom Executive power screen can cover the largest openings, providing insect protection, shade, or anti glare and privacy. This motorised screen solution can cover up to 7.5m in width and 4.5m drop.

The screen overhead unit can be hidden behind inspection covers, and the side channels can be plastered in to be flush to the reveal. There are also options for sun and wind/vibration sensors, as well as linkage to home automation, and building management systems.

This is Phantoms most sophisticated product and can be installed internally or externally. Like with all Phantom products there are many screen fabrics to choose from, from 60% open superfine insect mesh, 10% open privacy and solar fabrics, to total blackout. These power screens are also ideal for home cinema applications.

Executive screens are a perfect addition to any home or business, offering a complete range of screening and shading solutions in one adjustable product.

phantom screens


Retractable screen for windows up to 2m wide

Serene window screens allow the idyllic sights, sounds and smells of the outdoors to enhance interior spaces whilst protecting against insects and UV rays. Suitable for most window types, Serene screens can be fitted with a range of performance fabrics to suit your application. As well as insect and solar mesh, they work perfectly with blackout fabrics as the cassette creates a full seal around the edges so no light can enter. The cassette design also means no cords or dangling strings so the screens are inherently child safe. All screens are professionally installed by our fitting expert so you can rest assured that they will look great and work perfectly.

  • Phantom Screens’ high quality components ensure years of trouble-free operation.
  • The Serene fits most window sizes and types including casement, sash, tilt and turn and velux.
  • The soft close system ensures screens slide gently back into their housing.
  • Low profile housing blends in with your existing window frame.
  • Screens come in a variety of colours to match your decor.
  • Our durable mesh resists sagging and tearing.
  • Inherently child safe with no cords or strings.
  • Phantom Screens are professionally fitted to the highest standard.
  • All screens come with a Phantom Lifetime Warranty.

Alongside our standard white and brown frames, Serene screens can be finished in any RAL colour to match existing decor. We also offer a range of wood grain finishes.

Performance Fabrics
Serene window screens are available in a range of technical fabrics to suit your requirements including standard and anti-midge insect meshes, solar shading and privacy/blackout fabrics.